Phuket Clean Box


Today, people are much more health conscious than in the past. They exercise, take vitamins, and pay more attention to what they eat. Nowadays ‘Clean Food’ is one variety of healthy options to choose from. Clean Food is a very hot trend with the belief that eating clean will help you lose weight. It’s a relatively simple concept that uses less flavoring, more protein, avoiding processed food and keeping as close to the natural as possible using lime juice for the sour taste or using natural sweetness from pumpkins, sweet potatoes, sweet corns and carrots.

Just think how convenient it would be if you could order good healthy food to your home! Well, Phuket Clean Box is the answer to all your foodie prayers. ordered from them and had the occasion to talk with Khun Namon Narukatpichai, founder of Phuket Clean Box.

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