Mango Sticky Rice Mousse by Chef Rungsimet Para – Pastry chef of Renaissance Phuket

Mango mousse

Ingredients: Mango, Sugar, Gelatin leaf, Whipping cream, Yoghurt

How to:
– Soak the gelatin leaf in cold water until soft.
– Boil mango and sugar then add yoghurt mix well then transfer into the bowl.
– Whisk whipping cream then fold in mango, sugar and yoghurt (step 2) mix well.
– Bring the gelatin to heat until dissolved then mix well the mixture to mousse (step 3).

Sticky rice pudding

Ingredients: Sticky rice, Milk, Coconut milk, Sugar, Salt, Gelatin leaf

How to:
– Boil sticky rice with milk and coconut milk, sugar and salt, then cook till the liquid is fully absorb into the rice.
– Soak the gelatin leaf and add into the rice set aside to cool down before used

Critical Details: Fire controlling (Medium Fire)

Allergen Details: Eggs, Milk

Intolerance Details: Gluten, Lactose, Yeast

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