The Anytime, Anywhere shoulder and neck massage

These shoulder and neck massage techniques can be done anywhere in just under five minutes as long as your partner is in an upright sitting position.

Stand behind your partner and rest your forearms on the top of their shoulders, close to the neck. Keep your palms down so the bony part does not lie on the muscle. Let your weight fall straight down onto their shoulders and hold for several seconds before beginning the compression. Then slowly lift your arms and move one inch down the shoulders. Repeat the process until you reach the bony part of their shoulders, then restart at the top.

Stand to the side of your partner. With your fingers, feel the tips of the shoulders, then move your fingers toward the neck until you feel some soft muscle. Place your thumb on that spot and reinforce with the other thumb. Press down slowly on the trapezius muscle on your shoulder, which is where our tension is trapped, hold for a couple of seconds, and slowly ease off the pressure. Once you reach the neck, restart the process. Then move to the other side of your partner and repeat these compressions to the other shoulder.

Stand behind your partner and drape one hand over each shoulder as close to the neck as possible. Squeeze the trapezius between the fingertips and the heel of the hand, hold for a few seconds, and slowly release your grip. Then move one inch toward the shoulder and repeat. You should be able to get three or four squeezes in. Make sure that you have the whole muscle in your hand so you don’t pinch the skin. Don’t put your fingers too far around the neck so as not to choke your partner.


Stand to the side of your partner. If you are standing on the right side, make a C-shape with your left hand and drape it over the back of the neck. Press gently into the sides of the neck with your fingers and thumbs. While maintaining this gentle pressure, do a large circular kneading action with your hand half a dozen times. Then move an inch up or down the neck and repeat. Massage along the whole length of the neck. Be careful not to pinch the skin and move the skin with the fingers instead of sliding over it to avoid irritation.

Knead the base of the skull by cupping your hand around it. Press your fingers into it and move them in a small circular motion six to eight times, while gently resting your free hand on your partner’s forehead. Then lift the fingers and move them closer to the center. Move to the opposite side of your partner and repeat the process on the other side of their skull. Finish you massage with several gentle stroking actions down the head and the back.

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